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Baby pine cone

Their Lyin’ Eyes

Ezra Levant is somewhat a lather about our new NDP government in the province. Actually, he’s damn near foaming at the mouth…

While I’m less than thrilled with the current situation, the fact is that we’ve spent the past decade living with a socialist government here in the province. The only right-leaning thing about the Progressive Conservatives¬†was their name – they only lived up to the first half in recent years. Rachel Notley and her Notley Crew look like more of the same to me. Here’s why I’m not foaming at the mouth (yet):

  1. They haven’t actually¬†done anything yet, so the histrionics are more speculation than anything else.
  2. Sure the NDP have promised some scary things in the run-up to getting elected, but can you remember the last time a government in this province kept their election promises? Me neither.

I’ll blow up when something happens worth blowing up over.

Featured Image for post is “Lonesome Pine : Cone Alone” and was captured in my front yard. You can see a larger version here.

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