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Once More with Feeling…

Once upon a time several friends and I used to blog about Canadian politics. We had an item or two featured in the National Post and even attracted some legal threats from other bloggers we scrapped with. Fun! Except that it eventually got old. Then I ran my own blog about my transition from living in the city to living in the country; from waitress tipping to cow tipping, as it were. That too grew old.

Now I’m back. I have some things I’d like to say and share that don’t really fit on Facebook. There’s also the fact that Facebook has never truly been satisfying. Time to dust of my blogging skills and have at it again. Here’s hoping it doesn’t grow old too soon this time.

The post’s featured image is of my friend Ray editing photos on his phone. He has thousands of dollars worth of cameras and lenses, but he got the most satisfaction on that outing from using his iPhone. Got some rockin’ good images too. Full size version here.

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