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Going Squirrelly

I used to run a school and community online radio station. It was a lot of fun up until school politics killed it in August of 2018. I had put so much work into the project (and money into equipment) that I couldn’t just let it die. Thus, Squirrel FM was born.

The Squirrel is built entirely to my taste, with some input from my seventeen-year-old daughter who mostly shares my predilections in music (we’re both into new pop, dance, and alternative). I tend to riff on the squirrel theme a lot, by which I mean that my station IDs are loaded with “nut” (testicle) innuendo. I’ve also sampled audio from online porn clips for some of the station liners. I didn’t bother to censor the music library at all. We play Ceelo Green loud and proud, baby. Finally, there are all those profane and politically incorrect movie and TV clips salted all through our playlist. Listening to us at work is just screaming for an HR complaint.

All of which is to say that I figured Squirrel FM would be a stillborn vanity project at best. Maybe the odd person would find and appreciate it, but, yeah. Someone wrote a song about our prospects. So, this was surprising:

Those are our listener sessions extrapolated to the end of January 2019. We should reach nigh on 140,000 listener sessions per month by the end of our first half year. That’s not bad at all for something that by all rights should have been a non-starter. My takeaway from this is that things work best when you’re just yourself and you build what you personally love, not what you think others will.

To thine own tunes be true.

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