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Everything to Everyone

It seems like I spent the last year trying to be everything to everyone as a community volunteer. I even won an award for this, beating out some heavy hitters in town. It also seems that I’ve burned myself out somewhat. I’ve just returned home from a two-week stint in the hospital courtesy of a cardio scare. The symptoms turned out to be a tad misleading, and while the exact cause has yet to be pinned down, we now know it’s nothing serious. The dratted symptoms said otherwise for a while and it was unnerving, to say the least.

I had too much time on my hands to think in the hospital and what I realized is that I need to do less volunteer work. Here’s what I’m dropping for the rest of this year and next:

  • Coaching archery
  • Volunteer Webmaster for various non-profits
  • Volunteer Webmaster for my daughter’s school
  • Volunteer photographer at my daughter’s school
  • Volunteer bus driver
  • Volunteer at local museum
  • 4-H project leader

The only thing I’ll be keeping, and which is still a doozy in terms of time required, is the Radio Hanna project my wife and I put together. I made a commitment to the school and the community that we would build this and that is still on the menu. Everything else, however, is off.

It’s time for me again. I need to pick up a camera. And a bow. And to mess around in the kitchen. And spend time with my family. It’s my turn this year to do things for me.

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