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White Lilacs

Evening Walk : 2015-05-30

The Missus and I decided to tour the neighbourhood this evening. We did so giving our new neighbours kitty corner from us a wide berth as — at 6:30 pm — they were already completely loaded. Lots of swearing and whistling at passersby as well. It will be long summer if these yahoos don’t move. Anyhow, I took a camera with me to try and capture some of the spring fauna — mostly lilacs. Tonight’s pleasant surprise was finding a relatively docile albino rabbit over on 5th avenue west. Here’s what fell off my memory card…

20150530-184624-2F8A0454-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - Edit 0220150530-183156-2F8A0296-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-183648-2F8A0364-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-184156-2F8A0415-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-184425-2F8A0438-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-185234-2F8A0469-Canon EOS 5D Mark III
20150530-183000-2F8A0290-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-183257-2F8A0302-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-183941-2F8A0398-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-184214-2F8A0430-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-185155-2F8A0456-Canon EOS 5D Mark III
20150530-182937-2F8A0286-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-183746-2F8A0388-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-184138-2F8A0409-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-184306-2F8A0434-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20150530-185215-2F8A0460-Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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