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DJ Fails : 2015-10-30

Silento’s Watch Me was the number one requested song at a teen dance I did last night. I didn’t think I had it in my inventory, but it turned out that I did. Everyone was asking for the “whip the nae nae song”, and not one student could remember the name of the artist when prompted.  Also, of course, the one lyric from the song that everyone remembers wasn’t part of the song’s title when it came in my subscription, thus it didn’t show up in searches. So, a missed opportunity there. It’s not to my taste in music, but I can definitely see how this became a dance craze.

I’ve learned over the years that one of the major frustrations in dealing with younger teens is that they know they want that song, but they’re completely arsed if they can tell you what that song is. It brings to mind the ‘Blind Letter Office’ from the fictional post office in Terry Pratchett’s novel, Going PostalThe workers in the Blind Letter Office have to translate addresses like, “Duzbuns Hopsit pfarmarrsc”, which in turn means, “K. Whistler, Baker, 3 Pigsty Hill’ (Does Buns Opposite the Pharmacy).” Last night felt like that at times. I managed to figure out most of the obscure requests, but this one flew right over my head.

Anyhow. Much positive feedback received yesterday evening. More to the point, quite a few of the teens begged for another school dance before Christmas, which I’m taking as a good indication that I didn’t completely suck, even if my pre-event Googling for latest dance crazes was woefully inadequate this time.

Can’t win ’em all.

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