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EPIC Adventures

An EPIC Adventure : 2015-07-23

The EPIC Adventures Summer Program offered by the Town of Hanna is aimed at children ages 5 – 12. It is run out of Centennial Place from 9am to 4pm daily throughout the summer. Hanna’s Community Services Programmer, Angela McGillion, is in charge of the program. She is assisted by Megan Hein, the Program Manager. It’s basically a summer camp program that keeps kids occupied during regular work hours for those parents holding down jobs or simply those who want to keep their kids busy rather than spending the entire summer looking at a flatscreen or electronic device.

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A Railtown Derailed?

It’s time to talk about local tourism, which may not make me any friends. This is the blog post where I’ll be hailed as a genius, a deranged busybody, or a heretic. I’m coming up on my first year anniversary of living in Hanna, so these are the thoughts of a newly minted citizen on the town and some initiatives I’ve been witness to.

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Canada Day 2015

The family toddled out to Fox Lake next to Hanna last night for the Canada Day fireworks, which started at 11:30 pm and lasted for almost 14 minutes. It’s a bit unusual to have them on June 30th to my mind, but I understand this is done so that those who have to work early on July 2nd are able to attend as most have the 1st off. ..

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