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We Have Bumpers

Today was spent creating some bumpers for use with Radio Hanna. We’re setting things up on our RadioDJ software to make it easier for the main and remote systems with on-location announcers to toggle back and forth. For this coming school year, everything is automated through events. Here is what the sequence looks like…

  1. Event fires at preset time on main system.
  2. Current track stops playing.
  3. Switchover announcement plays.
  4. Streaming encoder is stopped.
  5. Corresponding event fires on remote system five seconds later.
  6. Streaming encoder starts and connects to our server.
  7. On Air announcement plays.
  8. AutoDJ starts and music begins.
  9. On location DJ takes control when ready.
  10. At end of event, another corresponding sequence of events transfers control back to the main studio.

Switchovers were done manually in the previous school year when we were using Mixlr as our streaming host. Mixlr didn’t integrate with RadioDJ, so going on air and off air was a lot of work. Also a bit of a pain as I was often the one taking the studio system offline, from work in my fuel truck, courtesy of a nearly impossible to read remote desktop interface on my smartphone. Our new setup is a lot less work and a lot more elegant.

Here are the audio files I created today to announce the switchovers between remote and main systems. The voice synthesis was courtesy of Everything was pieced together in the free and wonderful Audacity Audio Editor.

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