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Egg, onions, toast, strawberries.

Appetite Attrition

I am at the end of week two of the Fast Metabolism Diet. I’ve lost around 15 lbs so far, which is fantastic for two weeks. My measurements tell me I’m losing flab and not muscle. I’m also having to cinch my belt a notch tighter.

I’m past the caffeine cravings and no longer wanting coffee or tea. The artificial sweetener cravings are another matter entirely. I’m still dreaming about drinking Coke Zero. Hadn’t realized that stuff could get its hooks into you so deeply.  I’m also missing white carbs: White bread, white rice, white flour, etc. And, well, wheat products in general (spaghetti!!!!). I’m not missing refined sugars as much as I thought I would be, so that’s a plus.

The big surprise thus far has been my appetite regulation, which has been non-existent for my entire life. Some things, like medications, have made it worse — much worse — but I’ve never lived without an ongoing hunger and craving for junk food. I’m talking about the kind of eat-until-you’re-full-and-you’re-still-hungry type craving. What I’m discovering now is that I’m having difficulty finishing a medium sized plate of food and have no interest in a second helping. I still find myself going for one out of habit and then realizing I don’t need it when I’m about to dish up.

I’m currently snacking on celery sticks and homemade hummus. I’m not snacking because I’m hungry, but because the diet tells me to. When lunch rolls around I won’t be starving, but I’ll eat anyhow, and I’ll fill up quickly. I’m making a point of stopping eating when I feel full.

This diet claims to reset your malfunctioning hormones and I am starting to believe it. Hormones regulate so much of our lives (sleep, sex drive, etc.) it’s no surprise they control appetite. It’s becoming obvious that the way I had been eating up until now broke this fundamental mechanism in my body. That, if nothing else, is a good reason to keep eating the way I am now.

The featured image is of this morning’s breakfast. An Omega 3 enriched egg astride fried onions, sprouted wheat toast, and some organic fresh strawberries. It turned out I couldn’t finish the berries so my kid poached them.

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