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This blog is a collection of thoughts, recipes, musical selections, and photos by Sean McCormick.

Sean’s first camera was a No. 2 Brownie given to him at age five by his grandmother. This was a mistake as the film and processing costs resulting from his new obsession nearly drove her into bankruptcy over the next two years. Forty-five years later, Sean still owns his first camera along with a fun collection of antique film cameras and 35mm SLRs.

Sean hiking the Neutral Hills

He pursued other interests during his teenage and early adult years becoming a chef, computer technician, technical author, and technical trainer along the way, but the interest in image-making remained. The advent of digital photography turned the interest back into an obsession, and Sean enjoys doing landscape photography when time and finances permit.

Sean specializes in fine art and landscape photography, and can be found wandering the Special Areas of Alberta, Canada. He is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. Digital Photography and Portrait Lighting, which Sean co-authored with Catherine Jamieson can be purchased from Amazon.

He is a NASP Certified BAI and spent several seasons coaching archery for the J. C. Charyk Hanna School Hawks Archery Club. In addition to this he enjoys doing Olympic style target archery. He does not own a compound bow or hunt, thank you.

Finally, he is a professional DJ and hobbyist broadcaster. You will find his mixes and shows appearing on here from time to time. He had helped get a school/community online station running, but, politics. What’s left of the station now runs as a fully-licensed hobbyist venture called Squirrel FM.

And… that’s it. For now.

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